We promote the art, science, education and pleasure of gardening in cooperation with, and under the auspices of, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service in Porter County, Indiana.

Each year we sponsor a Gardening Show in January and a Garden Walk during the summer. Proceeds from these events are used for horticulture scholarships as well as community gardening grants and awards. Since 2005 the PCMGA has made gifts of nearly $50,000 to organizations in and around Porter County, IN.

Because we are a 501(C)3 charitable corporation, contributions to PCMGA may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor when making a gift to PCMGA.

Through the Master Gardener Program, Purdue helps our members increase our knowledge about a wide variety of horticultural subjects. In turn, we volunteer and help others grow by sharing that knowledge while providing leadership and service in educational gardening activities within our communities.

We provide educational events and seminars, work one-on-one with homeowners via the Hotline, work in collaboration with and underwrite community organizations, and educate young people through Junior Master Gardener Programs in schools. We are all about helping others grow by increasing their gardening skills and assisting them with horticultural problem solving. Best of all, there is no charge for our services!

  • Have a gardening dilemma? Help is available at the Master Gardener Hotline from spring through autumn! Call 219-465-3555, or send an email to mastergardenerhotline@gmail.com. Feel free to include photos of your problem in your email.
  • We can help you find a speaker for your event or meeting on a variety of gardening topics, whether it’s a local or regional expert or one of our own Master Gardeners. Call 219-465-3555 for more information and to schedule a speaker.
  • We can answer your questions at our Ask a Master Gardener Booth at the Porter County Fair, during Earth Day, and at other horticultural events across the county.

2018 Officers

President - Ann Cierniak

Vice President - Shelli Henry

Secretary - Marilyn Dyson

Treasurer - Debbie McCormick

At Large - Sue Arnold, Dennis Davis, Suzanna Tudor

Past President - Ann Cierniak

2018 Standing Committees

Education: Kathy Ruble

Philanthropy: Janet Magnuson

Membership: Gloria Notaro & Liz Nobles

Publicity & Promotion: Maureen Phillips

Gardening Show: LuAnn Troxel

Gardening Walk: Gloria Potter & Barbara Kunshek