Garden Thyme Vol. 2, Issue 3

Volume 2.Issue 3 Link

Garden Thyme has won the National Association of County Agricultural Agents Award! The newsletter is a bimonthly collaboration between Porter County Purdue Extension Educator Lyndsay Ploehn and Master Gardeners Marcia Carson, Shelli Henry, Nancy Rosene, Kristine Sandrick, Beverly Thevenin and Suzanna Tudor. Jason Henderson, Purdue Extension Director, said the “useful, compelling, and thoughtful newsletter took top honors in awards that represent the finest examples of communication efforts from agricultural agents nationwide.” The newsletter earned kudos for its timely information, intuitive layout, engaging tone, and appealing design. On July 14, Ploehn attended the Communications Awards Luncheon at the NACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference in Sioux Falls, S.D., to receive the award. The newsletter has now gained much popularity and will be distributed throughout Indiana!

View the .pdf file here Garden Thyme Vol. 2, Issue 3. For more Extension news, visit their website.

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