Since 2005 the PCMGA has made gifts of nearly $50,000 to organizations in and around Porter County, IN

The Porter County Master Gardeners Association (PCMGA) is committed to giving back to the community. At this time, the PCMGA derives its income from an annual Gardening Show, usually held in January, and an annual Garden Walk, held in June. The PCMGA has developed the following policy for community outreach while continuing to “help others grow” their gardening knowledge.

Applications for 2018 awards must be submitted to the Porter County Extension Office by March 22, 2018 or mailed by March 15, 2018. Late applications will be considered in July 2018.

The Philanthropy Committee of the PCMGA is responsible for administering the PCMGA Philanthropic Policy. Its recommendations are subject to approval by majority vote of a quorum of the PCMGA membership by voice vote at a meeting held in person, by conference call, by FAX, or by electronic mail. All decisions of the Porter County Master Gardeners Association are final.